Final Week

When I chose to do a blog on the Revolutionary War pamphlets, I thought that I was somewhat rolling the dice.  In a way, I still am.

The negative thing about doing this as a project is that the information is relatively scarce.  When I did a Google books lookup, I only found about 2 or 3 reliable sources.  In fact, I don’t know how important they really are.  JSTOR and other search engines are not too helpful.  So it has taken a decent amount of time.

What has done wonders for me is Google images, which is unbelievable.  The sources that I have found through actually pictures of some of the pamphlets has opened up the door wide for me.  I have found several works of importance for the blog.  One of them of course is Thomas Paine’s Common Sense as part of the American Crisis.  I have found several other works though.  I have found some on the Stamp and Intolerable Acts, which I did not think I was going to be able to find.  It was interesting to see the writings actually have an effect on the colonists like it did.  I was shocked to find medical pamphlets from this time frame, especially one from George Washington on the medical field pertaining to war injuries.  I’m still trying to see where this blog is actually going, but I’m pretty sure it will be very intruiging at this rate.

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