Final Project Selection

What a great final week of class.  485 paper due on the 5th, presentation on the 9th, and Tuesday I am discussion leader.  Thank goodness I found something interesting and fun to do my final project on.

I have decided to do a blog on pamphlets from the Revolutionary War.  Throughout this entire semester, my group and I focused on print and its predecessors.  However, pamphlets were never mentioned once in the class.  This prompted me to do some research on the subject at hand.  I found many from the Revolutionary period, but also some more modern.  I found the pamphlet that acually had the “12 Step Program” for A.A. members, which actually was how the 12 step program got around.  I also found some of the first airflight information pamphlets, dating from the 1930s to the 1970s.  However, as mentioned already, the 1730s to 1770s was when I first found the mass spread of pamphlets on this continent.  I’m hoping to do about 400 to 500 words on this blog, which is about the length that we had to do on the second blog.  Hopefully, I will continue to find more pamphlets and more statistics on them during this time frame.

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