Project Update Blog

This week, my group and I are doing all the filming for our documentary.  That way, we can spend all of next week doing the editing.  I have to admit, I really like what we have done as far as interviews go.  I had brought my mom’s friend to Mary Wash who was worked for the United States Postal Service for roughly 28 years now.  The knowledge that he gave us and the interview were musts for our project to be succesful.

I would also have to say that I am pretty disturbed at the state of the USPS right now.  Aside from what we have read, our interviewee gave us some insight that was released yesterday.  Things for the Post Office are very bad, as things may drastically change in the next two years.  The idea of not delivering mail on Saturdays has been thrown out there as an idea, and there is the notion that they may begin to heavily buy out employees and not hire more until more are retired.  For a government owned business that was created to not make money, the USPS is drastically losing more than some could have ever thought.

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