Winston and Rosenzweig

I thought the readings this week were quite interesting, especially the section we read by Roy Rosenzweig.  It was fascinating to me because I just did the Literature Review for History 485, and I thought it was funny how much this section reminded me of just that.  I thought it was unique how Rosenzweig examines the history of the internet through the eyes of different writers, as well as how several different ideas contributed to the creation of the internet.

Yesterday in class, one of the points that was brought up was if the military had control over certain inventions.  I would say that they have, but I don’t completely think that is a bad thing.  The military did create the internet, which is something that has become very useful in today’s society (since we use it everyday).  I also thought it was interesting how Winston made small points here and there in the last few chapters.  He skimmed right over cell phones at one point, which was not shocking seeing as how he wrote the rest of the book.  I also found it interesting how cable had so many problems years ago, especially since some people here in Virginia don’t have cable due to some areas not being economically well off.

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