Week 7

This week, I was one of the discussion leaders.  I actually enjoyed doing it.  It was nice for a change to actually not have to answer questions.  However, if gave me a new perspective.  I got to see how difficult it was to keep a group of people interested on a certain topic for a period of time.

I will say though that nobody ever gives our military any credit for technological advances, but this week we were reminded of their contributions.  The military laid down the foundation for the internet today.  Had it not been for ARPANET, I would not even be able to post this blog.  People always think of weapons with the military, but there is so much more.  The Enigma machine was incredibly difficult to break, and its use in the wars proved completely effective.

Of course, we also have a project due next week.  As a group, we came together with our sources and were able to nearly complete our project.  Looking up the sources for our project was quite challenging, since it was a collective effort.  We all had to put in our own different dynamic.  Hopefully on Thursday it will pay off for us.

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