After reading this week’s articles, there is certainly something to be said about persuasion and propaganda.  I personally think that today, they are almost one in the same.  I think that propaganda is more or less aimed at an idea, while persuasion is more aimed towards an action.  However, they both are seen everywhere in today’s society.  We talked in class about advertisements.  I would say that both play a role in every commercial on television, and on every pop-up that comes up when we get on the internet.  Even though some people avoid advertisements to their fullest ability, they are going to be either seen or talked about one way or another.

For the next project, my group is looking at doing a radio broadcast.  Since we had print and its predecessors on the timeline, we are going to be doing a few minute advertisement for Johannes Gutenberg’s printing press.  We thought that it would be interesting to tackle this product.  Even though it was invented several hundred years ago, we are going to highlight its attributes in an attempt to create a realistic infomercial essentially.  I think that if we find the right kind of style to do this, it will be great.  Our group just needs to make sure that we plan it out right, and focus on creating a great script for the advertisement.

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