Week 4 Project Blog

For this week, I would like to start out by saying that I actually like how different both groups were who co-lead discussions were.  I think that it is not an easy task at all.  Although I am a bit nervous about it myself, I must say that I like how the groups have responded to the task.  I hope that each week is a different approach, as it certainly makes everything that much more interesting.

The project itself was ok, but I have realized that teamwork is beyond important.  Staying on the same page is critical.  For the next group assignment, everybody needs to be much more involved.  I am not just speaking on behalf of myself.  I think that getting everything laid out is a must in order for us to be successful.

As for my work on next week’s project, I am beyond happy with the progress I made today on it.  Solid primary sources are beyond hard to find, and I believe that I have found some great ones that I can use.  I have also found many secondary sources that I have checked are credible.  Like with the timeline, I think it is important that we all check to make sure that the information that we gather is correct.  Otherwise, there was no point in doing the project at all.

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